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Zespri Kiwifruit Sees Substantial Bump in Web Traffic and Lift at Retail

Zespri Kiwifruit targeted Moms and Adults ages 18-34, in six key markets, to share the unique nutritional and flavor benefits of the fruit, to make the brand synonymous with kiwi, and to drive in-store purchase.

How we helped: We created a 4-part branded series that asked a mommy blogger, a tough-guy comic from NYC, a pediatrician, and glamour girl influencers “How do you kiwi?” These influencers engaged with the target audience, organically, across various Entercom platforms and their own platforms, discussing how they reap the benefits of eating kiwi.

Results: Zespri Kiwifruit saw a bump in web traffic and lift at retail from this campaign.

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Zespri Kiwifruit with Lisa Osbourne,