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Denver Celebrates Earth Day with e-Recycling Event

In honor of Earth Day, Entercom Denver and Cruisin’ 1430 KEZW partnered with the local Havana Business Improvement District to create an electronic recycling event called SOUND: “Save Our Underground NOW Denver.” Listeners were invited to drop off their outdated audio and visual equipment to a central location where Techno+Rescue, a local Green IT company, took in the equipment.

Colorado, like many U.S. states, has adopted e-waste recycling laws, making it illegal to dispose of electronics in the trash. When used electronics are deposited into landfills, the metals they contain can cause serious environmental problems. Recycling outdated electronics means that the metals inside can be stripped and used again, reducing manufacturers’ need to mine for resources. Our SOUND Earth Day event increased awareness of environmental practices, while helping residents declutter their homes – at no cost.

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