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Entercom Rochester Partners with Greentopia to Put Their Gardens To Bed For the Winter


Each October, Entercom Rochester holds an annual ‘Make a Difference Day,’ partnering with sustainability organizations around the community. This year the team partnered with Greentopia, a unique Rochester organization whose goal is to create a resilient Rochester – one neighborhood at a time. The team went to work on a Fall Cleanup of two select gardens.

High Falls EcoDistrict (The Flower Garden): The EcoDistrict Program is creating the New York State’s very first EcoDistrict® and puts them in the company of larger cities worldwide. And the slated capital improvement and infrastructure projects will now dovetail with ROC the Riverway initiatives to create a vibrant, sustainable and resilient neighborhood at High Falls.

JOSANA Flower LOT: Using formerly vacant city lots from Rochester’s Operation Green, Greentopia rents and then purchases lots that contained primarily single family homes that had been previously demolished. These stagnant lots are then turned into vibrant grow lots for a variety of cut flower species that are planted, grown and then harvested to include in custom-made bouquets. These bouquets are then sold through several local Wegmans stores, at the Rochester Public Market, and are made available for sale for custom events.

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