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Keeping Sacramento Fresh: Giving Voice to the Farm-to-Fork Movement

The concept of “farm-to-fork” eating is nothing new to locals in Northern California’s Sacramento region. The area has always been an important national agribusiness hub.

The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) created the Farm-to-Fork Program, highlighting the farms, restaurants, organizations and individuals that contribute to the local culinary and agricultural landscapes. In 2012, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson declared the region “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital”, rebranding the city as a world-class center for pioneering agricultural change.

In 2014, Entercom Sacramento partnered with the SCVB to promote the Farm-to-Fork message with our audience. EatFarmToFork.com (Eat F2F) launched in August of 2015; it is an online directory of local restaurants, breweries, wineries, farms, markets, events and current topics. The site’s mission is to help locals connect with and share their local food culture. “Keep Sacramento Fresh” is the tagline that Eat F2F uses to cultivate local pride and spread the word globally about Sacramento’s amazing food scene and agricultural contributions.

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