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The Plight of the North Carolina Honey Bee & Bumble Bee

As North Carolina’s state insect, the honey bee is particularly important to the area, yet, over the last two years, the state has lost 27% of its honey bee colonies. Entercom Greensboro embraced this local cause and committed to planting gardens and flowers in support of honeybee conservation. Employees were given mini jars of honey and wildflower seed packets to encourage bee pollination. Over 70% of the team took part in this effort and more than half of employees in Greensboro saved a honeybee or hive and supported a local honeybee conservation effort after learning of their importance. After hearing about this sustainability campaign, The Budding Artichoke, a local agri-business store owner has incorporated conversations about honeybee conservation to customers as they shop. It has become a popular topic of conversation and resulted in increased honey sales.

To extend awareness of this campaign, WPET-AM’s Program Director interviewed Greensboro Beautiful Inc. Chair, Lee Britt and local beekeeper, Rob Jacobs, about the Plight of the Honeybee.

Entercom Greensboro also posted a blog outlining ways to attract pollinators on its 1THING site.

Listen to the half hour radio program here

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