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Power Recycling Weekends in Indianapolis

Indianapolis’ WZPL-FM and 107.9 The Mix partner with the Indianapolis Zoo for Power Recycling Weekends. Held twice a year, these events are a great opportunity for the Indianapolis community to de-clutter their homes and help the environment at the same time. From old electronics, TVs and monitors to digital cameras, motors and generators, the zoo parking lot fills up with electronic devices to be recycled.

In one year alone, more than 2.5 million tons of electronic waste was disposed of improperly. Many of these electronic devices contain mercury and lead, which could leach into the ground contaminating soil and water supplies. The Zoo takes a leadership role in this challenge, not only by hosting two electronics recycling events each year but also by recycling as much Zoo waste as possible — from plastics and office paper to tree trimmings and “Zoo doo.” Entercom Indianapolis is thrilled to help promote this program and is on hand, giving out prizes and tickets to the zoo. Everyone making donations over the event weekends receives a $2 off zoo admission coupon and station swag.

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