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Chevy Generates 3,800 Unique Conversations in Just Four Days

Chevy asked us to help create massive brand conversation around the new Chevy Cruze and their mysterious press release – written entirely in emojis.

How we helped: In just two weeks – from initial briefing to air – we mobilized our radio talent across the country to incorporate emojis into their shows. Suddenly weather reports featured “beach ball” emojis. Conversations about great songs included “thumbs up” and “smiley face” emojis. All messaging drove listeners to a social feed and Chevy micro-site, where they could join the fun and take a shot at decoding the mystery press release.

Results: Immersing emojis and Chevy into DJ conversations with listeners surprised and engaged audiences like no commercial could do. The campaign reached 40 million listeners in only four days and drove 3,800 conversations about Chevy.

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