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NFI Industries Recruits Drivers with Entercom’s Online Job Fair

Entercom Wilkes-Barre

NFI Industries added a significant new client to their Pittston facility, and urgently needed to hire CDLA company drivers within 60 days. The company had very stringent hiring standards, which made the hiring process lengthy.

How we helped: We crafted a five-week integrated program utilizing our Online Career Fair. NFI Industries sponsored the fair and received 60-second on-air spots and 10-second traffic reports across all our stations. Branded video pre-roll, display ads and email blasts directed applicants to the Online Job Fair site. Each time someone applied, NFI Industries was notified with an email.

Results: NFI Industries hired 27 qualified drivers, solving their immediate hiring needs in the allotted timeframe. The campaign generated 157 clicks from the Online Job Fair, and over 330 phone calls.

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