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Smart Motors Drives Traffic

Entercom Madison

Smart Motors, the largest Toyota dealer in Wisconsin, has been part of the Madison community for over 100 years. They know advertising evolves quickly and their previous marketing plan wasn’t working. Their website had a lot of visitors but those visitors weren’t turning into car purchases. They were only spending an average of 30 seconds on the site. Not long enough to actually look into the available vehicles.

How We Helped: The Entercom Madison team brought in their Entercom Digital experts who knew that Smart Motors needed to start focusing on quality visitors instead of quantity. The team put together a campaign that included Entercom’s digital SmartAuto tools and radio.

Results: In one month alone, the length on page increased to 1.5 minutes per visitor and the radio campaign was driving about 17 people to the Smart Motor’s website per airing. Giving them quality customers who were truly interested in buying a vehicle.

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