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Not Every Audio Experience is Equal

By Idil Cakim, SVP Research and Insights, Entercom

November 23, 2020
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Not everyone watches YouTube. Many just minimize their browser window. To reach those audiences who have their videos on in the background, YouTube recently announced Audio ads. We agree. Audio does wonders to connect with audiences’ minds and capture their attention. It helps build brands like no other medium.

What YouTube Audio ads cannot deliver on is an in-depth sonic experience through the captivating, familiar and trusted voice of a local host. A recent study[1] of Entercom influencer reads, conducted by Veritonic, from top 15 over-the-air markets revealed the positive impact of Influencer live reads on the purchase cycle.

Local Influencers put the seal of trust and approval on brands: The study tested 65 Entercom ads read by 29 influencers, across categories. The results showed that listeners who hear their local influencer talking about a product or service are more engaged with the ad.

  • 60% of listeners said they feel a greater connection to the brand’s message when they hear a local influencer’s voice.
  • 65% added that they are more likely to pay attention to the brand message when the local influencer delivers it.

Local Influencer recommendations drive sales: Entercom ads exceeded Veritonic’s national average in driving purchase intent. And a whopping 72% of respondents said they had made a purchase in the past based on a recommendation from a local radio host.

Today, brands need to compete for consumers’ attention in a highly cluttered media environment, battling sentiments of uncertainty and fear about the near future. Now, more than ever, do consumers need to hear from familiar voices who can give them specific and relevant direction on which brands to choose and where to purchase. Local influencers are the most authentic sources to deliver brand messages and make them truly resonate.


[1] Veritonic, Custom Study, Entercom Connects, n=692 listeners, August 2020

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