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Entercom, Alter Agents and Immersion Find that Audio Content Drives Unmatched Engagement and Trust

LAS VEGASJan. 12, 2021  — Entercom engaged market research firm Alter Agents and neuroscience experts at Immersion to complete a study testing the immersive nature of audio media content. Results show that audio content connects and engages audiences at a much deeper level than other media types, forming emotional connections and capturing attention. Entercom is presenting the results of the study during a session at the virtual CES show this week called “Amplified Audio Defining Engaged Impressions.”

“In an uncertain world, and a cluttered media environment, people are seeking new experiences and looking for mediums that provide trust and certainty,” said Idil Cakim, Senior Vice President, Research and Insights, Entercom. “Our study found that audio not only captures attention and moves people on an emotional level, but also inspires action through a sense of community and belonging.”

The new study consisted of a survey of a nationally representative population of adults, coupled with an agile neuroscience study by Immersion of individuals from the major U.S markets of ChicagoNew York and Los Angeles. Alter Agents compiled the data to result in an examination of consumer experiences with audio versus various other mediums such as TV, video, social, and pureplay platforms.

The primary metric tracked in the study was immersion, a scientific measure of emotional connection and attention. Audio was found to have the highest level of immersion among all the platforms with a score of 57 out of 100.

Some additional key findings included:

  • Consumers are listening to or watching seven different media platforms in a given week
  • One-third of broadcast over-the-air listeners have taken action after hearing and advertisement or a host recommendation as part of a commercial or an audio show
  • Local audio content and host trust are the largest influencers of listenership


The study indicates that audio, specifically those portfolios which deliver local content and hosts, has the highest consumer engagement level. This intense engagement builds emotion, attention and recall, fostering an environment in which listeners take tangible action based on advertisements and recommendations.

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Alter Agents is a full-service market research consultancy reimagining research in the age of the constant change. With a long history of brand strategy and communications experience, the company focuses on collaborating with brands to reveal consumer needs, priorities, and context. Alter Agents specializes in reframing the context for consumer research to yield powerful insights. www.alteragents.com @Alter_Agents

About Immersion
Immersion is a distributed neuroscience SaaS, which provides a second-by-second measure of what people’s brains value – anywhere & anytime – using the smartwatches they wear every day.  Customers use our platform to predict buying, sharing, downloads, and information recall with over 80% accuracy. Immersion measures what the world loves, especially when the cost of being wrong is high. www.getimmersion.com

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