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Advanced Audio

Using Data and Technology to Drive Growth

The most effective advertising campaigns are informed by data. With our commitment to data-driven solutions, we offer Entercom Advanced Audio – an innovative audience and measurement platform, powered by our 1st party listener profiles.

Tie advertising exposure directly to performance outcomes and lift by analyzing complete audience journey activity – online and offline.

Web Lift
Sales Lift
Foot Traffic
TV Tune-In
Brand Lift

Maximize the value of your advertising budget with data-driven planning, testing and analysis using a suite of real-time, interactive tools.

Media Mix
Creative Ranked

Incorporating audience data into the media planning process for more targeted buys, less waste and stronger ROI.

Data Driven OTA Radio
Identify stations and programs that index highest against your target audience.
Audience Match
Find your current customers and high potential prospects across all Entercom platforms.
Customize planning and audio buying with lookalike audiences and suppression targeting.
Audience Targeting
Leverage Entercom’s deep first party data set to reach desired audiences across channels. Customize your campaign by selecting from pre-built audience profiles or build a custom audience designed just for your customers.

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