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Our 2500+ owned and operated podcasts and on-demand content feature some of the most well-known and influential voices in culture, politics, business, sports and more. Through exclusive advertising opportunities such as live reads, pre, mid and post-roll ad insertion and talent-recorded spots, partners can connect with our highly engaged, coveted audience in an increasingly relevant environment.


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Podcast Advertising

Connect with a highly engaged audience by location, category or show and use audio to tell your brand story.

Audio Ads

  • Pre, mid, & post roll audio ads
  • 15, 30, & 60 seconds in length
  • Client provided or voiced by talent
  • Location, Category, and/or Show targeted

Opening Slate

  • Monthly ”Brought to you by” sponsorship
  • Pre-recorded 10-15 second spot voiced by talent or client-provided
  • Premium sponsor of podcast with 100% SOV
  • Landing page takeovers on show landing page with 100% SOV

Custom Live Reads

  • Live Read endorsement
  • Runs 1-3 minutes in length voiced by talent
  • Category exclusivity for minimum of 30 days
  • Creative options are fully scripted, copy points, or organic
  • Ad type is evergreen

Marketing Capabilities