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Put a Display Marketing Campaign to Work for You

You can create brand awareness, target your audience, optimize conversion, and track your traffic through a display marketing campaign, which uses advertisements on webpages, emails, and certain IM applications.

Here are four simple ways to make a display marketing campaign work for you.

  • Create Brand Awareness: Use a consistent design on your website and landing pages so potential clients can recognize and trust your brand.
  • Target Your Audience: Develop displays that speak to your consumer by geography, behavior, or any other trait. For example, your displays can feature a city’s name to appeal to your target audience in that local market. By narrowing down the people who see your ad, you can increase your results from that ad.
  • Optimize Conversion: Don’t just bring traffic to your website – keep it there. Design your landing page and message to be simple, honest, and consistent. Provide key information. Include a call to action, such as a download, coupon, free estimate, or other perk. Let people watch and share a video.
  • Track Your Traffic: That’s how you learn which ads drive people to your business, and which websites your target audience frequents. Then continue to develop your campaign around these insights.

How can display marketing help you boost your sales and expand your business?

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