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The Environment

We believe in making a positive impact on the environment. From our commitment to sustainable business practices to our annual employee volunteer day, taking care of the planet for today and for future generations is woven into all aspects of who we are and how we operate.
Boosted our use of environmentally-friendly supplies
Less sheets of paper consumed over the past 10 years
Employees participated in our company-wide volunteer day

1Thing Initiative

Our 1Thing initiative inspires and educates listeners and communities with one simple message: By changing just 1 Thing in our lives, we can each make a difference for our planet. Through our national platform  1ThingUS.com, we provide audiences with exclusive content and share what our favorite artists are doing to save the planet.  

Entercom has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and helping the environment. Our 1Thing program has been a cornerstone of our work to be socially responsible corporate citizens and to make the world a better place.”

- David Field, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Entercom

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Employee Engagement:

We celebrate planet earth by volunteering at events around the country throughout the year and during our company-wide, 1Day 1Thing annual event on Earth Day. In 2019, 2000+ lbs of garbage were collected, 400 lbs of invasive plants and trees were removed and 135 lbs. of material was recycled.

Business Operations:

Our local studios and offices practice sustainable sourcing, recycling and waste reduction, and energy efficiency in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Sustainable events
Sustainable Events:

We carry out sustainable business practices at our events each year from ensuring our vendors use compostable materials and avoid plastic to encouraging consumers to go paperless with tickets, and more.

Corporate Gifting:

Each Earth Day, we partner with Conservation International on behalf of our employees, to donate to a select cause. Past programs have included protecting mangroves and tropical rainforests to saving elephant habitats.

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Our Environmental Initiatives Around The Country

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