Mental Health

We utilize one of the most important tools in fighting the stigma of mental illness: The power of TALK. Through year-round initiatives that raise awareness and discussion around anti-bullying, suicide prevention and the needs of people living with this disease, we use our voice to create change.
Number of calls to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline during the I’m Listening broadcast
People reached
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I’m Listening campaign
Artists and athletes who have shared their stories of anxiety including Lizzo, Michael Phelps, Metallica, and more

I’m Listening

Launched in 2017 on World Suicide Prevention Day, the national, award-winning programming initiative features notable names from diverse fields. Medical professionals, celebrities, artists and athletes share how mental health issues have impacted their lives and encourage anyone suffering to end the stigma and seek help. The year-round initiative culminates in a live national broadcast special each September and features a dedicated interactive website where listeners share their own stories:

Hopefully, if I talk about mental health, it’ll help other people to talk about it… we’re all a lot more similar than we think we are.”

- Alessia Cara , Grammy Award-winning artist

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